Friday, August 29, 2014


Howdy, and welcome to my mobile coding blog!

What is this blog about?

In this blog I intend to mostly cover topics related to mobile development, especially iOS and Xamarin.

Who am I?

My name is Adam Kemp. I've been a software engineer since about 2001 (including internships). I've worked at National Instruments since graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M. At NI I have worked mostly in the LabVIEW group, where I've worked on things like Linux and Mac support, the first 64-bit version of LabVIEW, and miscellaneous smaller features. Since 2011 I've been working in a subgroup of the LabVIEW team specialing in mobile applications. In that time I have worked on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 applications.

For examples of some of the cooler applications I have worked on check out Data Dashboard for LabVIEW (iOS/Android) and VirtualBench (iOS).

You can also follow me on Twitter @TheRealAdamKemp.